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With so many features and resources at your disposal to help you expand your professional network and further your career, the LinkedIn Premium service is a prudent investment for your future in the workforce. Let’s examine the advantages of LinkedIn Premium as well as the premium features available to you with this subscription.

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Who has looked at your profile?

Users of LinkedIn Premium will be able to see who has visited their profile, which will help them stay at the forefront of the minds of recruiters and possible employers. Getting to know the people who are interested in your profile can also help you connect with people who can offer career guidance or useful information.

Messages InMail

The LinkedIn InMail, which lets you connect with anybody on LinkedIn regardless of whether they are linked to you or not, is another exclusive tool that comes with this subscription. You receive more inmail credits as a paying user. In order to enable you to compose lengthier, more intimate messages to contacts and prospective employers, LinkedIn will now increase the character limit for communications.

LinkedIn Education

LinkedIn also provides a learning platform with courses on leadership, workplace productivity, and digital marketing for individuals wishing to pick up new skills. You may access special trails and learning routes catered to your hobbies and professional objectives with the Premium Learning subscription.

In order to help you manage and remain on track with your learning, the Premium Learning package also comes with tools like a progress tracker and a personalized course suggestion engine. The Premium Learning plan may assist you in reaching your objectives, whether you want to learn new skills fully or just brush up on your current set.

Select Open Profile.

One other fantastic feature of LinkedIn Premium is the ability to open a profile. By making your profile public with this plan, you’ll make it easier for recruiters and possible employers to locate you. Additionally, you will have a better chance of being spotted by talent seekers because your profile will be more likely to show up in search results.

Your objectives and financial situation will determine whether or not the Open Profile option is worthwhile. Always compare the costs and advantages before making a decision.

Availability of Extra Search Filters

Along with limitless searches, sophisticated search filters, and search tools, LinkedIn Premium also enables you to locate contacts and manage a productive LinkedIn lead generating campaign. You’ll be able to filter possible connections according to factors like geography, industry, job title, and more with the ability to perform additional searches. Recruiters, sales professionals, and sales navigators who are trying to find the ideal individuals to connect with may find these additional search filters useful.

You obtain knowledge about your rivals.

As a sales navigator or professional, you’ll also be able to learn more about your competitors and their tactics thanks to access to improved statistics and premium search filters. You can remain ahead of the game and make sure your plans are informed by data-driven decisions by using this information.

Having access to LinkedIn Learning is cost-effective.

Lastly, the cost of having access to LinkedIn Learning may be rapidly covered. Developing new abilities is made simpler and more economical with the Premium Learning plan, which gives you access to comprehensive courses and learning pathways specifically designed to fit your hobbies and professional objectives.

However, whichever package you select, LinkedIn is a very helpful

Increased Access to the LinkedIn Network

When looking for connections or possible jobs, having access to up to 30 profiles may be quite helpful, particularly if you’re looking to grow your professional network as soon as possible.

Customized Career Guidance

With the Premium Career plan, you can access company evaluations, job ads, salary information, and other special insights into possible employers.

Professional career coaches may provide you with individualized career guidance that can help you seize new chances and improve your interviewing skills.

Enhanced Luminosity

Finally, improved profile visibility—which includes the ability to know who has visited their profile—gives LinkedIn Premium members the chance to differentiate themselves from other users.

In the end, the choice of whether or not to purchase LinkedIn Premium is a personal one that should be informed by your financial situation and job search objectives. However, if you want to have an advantage in the job market, it can be something to think about.

LinkedIn Premium may provide insightful information and tools to help you grow professionally and establish important relationships, provided you have the appropriate plan. It can be the push you need to beat out the competitors and secure your ideal position.

Types of Premium Plans on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a variety of premium membership options to accommodate the requirements of its users. The several kinds of LinkedIn premium subscriptions that are offered are as follows:

No-cost LinkedIn account:

Most LinkedIn users may use this basic version of LinkedIn for free. With this free version of LinkedIn, users may connect with other users, establish a profile, and view a restricted amount of job listings. It lacks access to priceless resources, tools, and premium features, though.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core:

This is a customized version of LinkedIn meant for salespeople and companies trying to increase leads and revenue. Among the advantages available to you as a premium user are lead recommendations, information organization and saving capabilities, and profile viewer visibility.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced:

The team link, team lead view, and account targeting for sales teams are among the extra features included in this edition of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It also allows you to establish a group of up to 15 members and access Account Insights, which offers information on businesses and decision-makers.

LinkedIn Advanced Plus Sales Navigator:

This is LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s most sophisticated edition, including all the features of the sophisticated plan plus more, such access to a team of up to 25 individuals, a greater quantity of lead referrals, and data exporting capabilities. It also comes with sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities, as well as a dedicated customer success manager.

LinkedIn Premium Membership

This is the basic premium membership, which gives users access to extra features and tools to improve their networking and job search. These tools include LinkedIn Learning, the capacity to send and receive messages to and from anyone on the network, the ability to see who has viewed their profile, and access to a vast amount of job listings.

LinkedIn Premium Career:

People wishing to grow in their professions and find new prospects for employment may find both with the aid of LinkedIn Premium Career. Along with services that can aid in job search and career development, such the opportunity to know which candidates have visited your job advertising and access to a larger pool of job applications and career insights, it contains all of the benefits of the accessible premium membership.

LinkedIn Premium Business:

For companies and sales people aiming to create connections, produce leads, and increase sales, this membership is ideal. It offers decision-makers individualized InMails, corporate insights, and the capability to track who has visited a company page.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Premium:

Recruiters and hiring managers who want to connect and identify possible prospects and job seekers as well as obtain applicant insights should use this membership. It offers access to a wider applicant pool, the capacity to go at the resumes and profiles of individuals outside of their network, and InMail credits for direct communication with possible prospects.

Premium Recruiter on LinkedIn:

Hiring managers and recruiters who want access to all the capabilities of Recruiter Lite along with extra tools like sending InMail campaigns and reaching a wider candidate pool of highlighted applicants are the target audience for this subscription.

Are the perks of LinkedIn Premium worth it? Concluding remarks

In summary, the advantages of LinkedIn Premium make it a worthwhile investment for your career and a priceless tool for all working professionals. In order to help you network and advance your career more quickly, it provides a number of LinkedIn premium features.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth the money; before you do, do some research and compare the expenses and possible advantages of LinkedIn premium.

Gaining access to more advanced analytics, extra search filters, contact suggestions, the option to make your profile public through Open Profile, competitive analysis, and full courses via LinkedIn Learning can all help you seize new opportunities and advance your career more quickly.