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There are more opportunities to earn money online as the world grows more virtual. Many benefits come with working from home online, such as freedom, a nice atmosphere, and no long commute. Check out this list of easy ways to make extra money online if you’re sick and tired of working in an office and want to do something about it, or if you’re just searching for a quick and easy side gig.

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How to monetize your website

1. Engage in internet gaming

This is your chance: You may now be paid for doing your schoolwork while playing video games instead of getting in trouble for not finishing it. Developers of video games that want to test ideas and increase traffic will pay you to play. And the best method to get money is through websites like Swagbucks. As the name implies, payment will be made in US dollars, either by check or, if you’d like, a Paypal transfer. Small payments may build up over time.

2. Finish online questionnaires

Online questionnaires are not the best approach to become wealthy. However, you may earn additional money by completing surveys on websites like InboxDollars. You can use the money you earn to pay for everyday needs like petrol and groceries, or you can receive gift cards for various restaurants and retail establishments like Amazon, Starbucks, and Target. Each InboxDollars survey pays between $0.50 and $5 and takes three to twenty-five minutes to complete, according to the company’s website. If you belong to a certain demographic, you may occasionally find surveys worth $10 or $20, so these little incentives might mount up very rapidly.

3. Check out the next big app

The most downloaded apps in the world could appear to appear out of nowhere. However, in actuality, a large team works behind the scenes to design, code, and promote them; to make sure they’ve done the best job possible, these teams require people to test their work. You have the chance to be that tester with FreeCash, and you may get paid for it, sometimes rather generously. Many offers pay out only a few dollars, while some give much more than $100 (but you would need to play a game for a long period or through a lot of levels, for example, to get that amount). In addition to earning FreeCash coins by completing surveys and utilizing the FreeCash portal to make purchases or join up for new services, you may now earn FreeCash coins by doing surveys and earning them via PayPal, Bitcoin, VISA rewards, or Amazon gift cards, among other alternatives.

4. Launch a secondary business

These days, it’s not uncommon to work a full-time job and a side employment or hustle. Uber and DoorDash are two examples of side-hustle applications that let many individuals earn a respectable living. You might explore for alternative options if you don’t want to deliver meals door to door or if you don’t have a car or the necessary auto insurance to drive for Uber. You may be employed in your neighborhood for sporadic odd jobs by using apps like TaskRabbit or Handy. Look for dog-walking customers on the Rover app if you’re looking for a side gig that will allow you to spend more time outside.

5. Market websites or internet-based companies

Have you registered a desired domain name in your name, or do you have a website or online company with a respectable following? It is possible to make money by flipping websites. All you have to do is know where to search. Finding potential purchasers and determining the website’s or business’s valuation are sometimes the most obstacles. Although this isn’t always the case and can vary greatly, websites are generally thought to be worth two to three times the yearly profit they make. Obtaining an expert appraisal is a better option. Find an internet marketplace that specializes in these kinds of transactions once you’ve decided on an asking price. It’s critical to locate a secure location that will draw the greatest number of possible bids. Among the greatest is Flippa, which also provides a free website appraisal tool.

6. Launch a blog

Consider launching a blog if you enjoy writing and have something insightful or motivational to share. A blog is a website where you routinely provide visitors with your thoughts or areas of expertise. You must first make a website before you can begin to share your ideas. Either do it yourself or get someone to create it for you. Even if you have no prior web design knowledge, creating a website on your own is rather simple using website builders like SquareSpace. After your website is live, all you need to do is keep up a constant blog schedule and write quality material to draw in visitors and subscribers. You need an audience if you wish to make money off of your blog. After that, you may employ strategies like advertisements and affiliate marketing, which pays you for recommending products. Additionally, you may produce your own good or service and market it on your website.

7. Draft a newsletter.

An email you send to your subscribers to give information or advertise a commodity or service is called an online newsletter. Let’s imagine you run a yoga-focused blog or YouTube channel. You may include affiliate links in your newsletter to advertise your preferred yoga clothing. If the link is clicked by your readers, you will profit financially. Additionally, you may advertise your comfortable merchandise, one-on-one online yoga coaching sessions, and the most recent online yoga seminars in your email.