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While we’re at it, let me give you five reasons why your next event needs a 360° photo booth. Let’s dig in.

A 360° high-definition video capturing experience is offered by the 360° Photo Booth. Visitors to your event enter a platform where a top-of-the-line camera mounted on a rotating mechanical arm rapidly revolves 360 degrees around your attendees. The social snapshot photobooth’s cloud-based technology quickly processes movies at up to 120 frames per second while it rotates utilizing programmable motions and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.

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The 360 Photo Booth has the same simultaneous photo booth capabilities as The Social Snapshot Photobooth’s other photo booth encounters. Our 360 Degree Booth can accommodate four to five people in comfort and support up to 500 pounds of weight, depending on size. Considering the amazing stuff that can be produced with the 360 photo booth, this is rather nice.


Let me start with the main reason I think owning a 360 photo booth is a great idea: it’s really popular! Since the resumption of in-person events, it has actually become our most desired experience!

Though its exact origins are up for question, the famous sequence in The Matrix where Neo stopped time and the movie spun around him is credited with popularizing 360-degree videos. Numerous high-end cameras were positioned all around a circular topic in the middle to produce this effect. The final product was then created by stitching together each camera’s separate frames one at a time. They referred to it as “Bullet Time” or the “360-time freeze.”

This configuration was not very cost-effective, as you may have guessed. Not even a genius could calculate the cost of setting up dozens of thousand-dollar cameras and the amount of editing effort needed to get the desired outcome. Even though we’ve updated this bullet-time clip to render in real-time, few of our clients have the financial means to invest tens of thousands of dollars to realize their visions. Even though it’s one of the most amazing images we can produce, many clients won’t find it useful.

Over the ensuing ten years, ideas emerged. Lastly, a system was developed that uses a single high-definition camera mounted to a rotating mechanical arm, rather than a number of expensive DSLR cameras. It became an instant hit, as you are aware.

It’s been frequently featured in advertisements, red carpet events, premieres, and music videos! Actually, since we’ve started hosting in-person events again, the 360° photo booth from The Social Snapshot Photobooth has had the most requests.


Needless to say, all of our photo booths are enjoyable and simple to operate. A member of the social snapshot photobooth staff is not even necessary for some of our simpler booths to operate. Our staff will set up the 360 photo booth for you, despite the fact that it differs greatly from the other photo booths we offer. Our extremely competent and well-mannered attendants are as gregarious and enjoyable as they are talented. What to anticipate:


Before the scheduled start time, the social snapshot photobooth staff will come with plenty of time to set up and test your 360-degree experience. This setup takes about two hours to complete in most circumstances.

2. During the occasion:

group The social snapshot photobooth will make sure everything goes properly and motivate visitors to have fun with the booth.


group After your event, the social snapshot photobooth will disassemble all of its equipment and leave your location. Usually, this procedure takes less than an hour.

It’s that easy; we handle everything from beginning to end, so all you have to worry about is stepping up on our 360 video booth platform and grinning for the camera.

The Most Common Questions Concerning 360-Degree Photo Booths

A 360° photo booth: what is it?

With the use of a revolving arm and camera, a 360-degree view of the subject may be captured in a 360-degree photo booth. The user has an immersive and participatory experience as a result.

How Do 360-Degree Photo Booths Operate?

Visitors to your event enter a platform where a top-of-the-line camera mounted on a rotating mechanical arm rapidly revolves 360 degrees around your attendees. It rotates and records movies at up to 120 frames per second with programmable motions. Utilizing in-house AI technology, the cloud-based infrastructure of the social snapshot photobooth processes images quickly.

For what reason should my event consider a 360-degree photo booth?

For your event, you should think about using a 360-degree photo booth for a few reasons. These include giving visitors an exceptional and unforgettable experience, producing social media content that can be shared, raising brand recognition, and differentiating yourself from the competition.

Where in my area can I hire a photo booth?

By doing an internet search for “photo booth rental near me” or by getting in touch with nearby event rental businesses, you may locate photo booth rentals in your area. Additionally, you might get referrals from friends or coworkers who have recently booked a photo booth for a gathering.

What is the cost of hiring a 360-degree photo booth?

The location, length of rental, and rental provider all affect how much a 360 photo booth hiring costs. Prices for each event typically vary from $2,500 to $4,500.

What does a 360 photo booth’s revolving arm mean?

A mechanical arm that revolves around the subject to take a 360-degree picture using a camera is called a rotating arm. The user has an engaging and engaged experience as a result.

What does a photo booth’s slow motion mean?

The slow motion option in a photo booth produces a smooth and slow motion illusion by capturing video footage at a slower frame rate than usual. In addition to giving visitors a memorable and entertaining experience, this enables more imaginative video material.

What does a travel case mean when renting a photo booth?

A flight case is a robust, lightweight box designed for equipment protection and transportation. A flight case may be utilized when renting a photo booth in order to move the booth and its accessories to and from the event location.