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Shannon Sharpe has been in the spotlight as he prepares to leave FOX Sports and Undisputed with Skip Bayless, but there has been little discussion about who will replace Sharpe on the debate program.

“If you liked that show in any of Bayless’ incarnations, who would you cast opposite him now that you’d want to watch it the same way?” Le Batard said.

Before things went awry, he observed that the dynamic between Sharpe and Bayless was optimal. Because you’re clinging to a 70-year-old celebrity.

On Monday’s Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, he asked this question.

Le Batard, who is 54 years old, noted that there are debate programs with older presenters that continue to air. Pardon Dan recalled The Interruption on ESPN, but the point is that even in sports debate, the landscape has changed.

Shannon Sharpe is here to play a distinct game from that of Kornheiser and Wilbon. “Pat McAfee has come to play a different game,” said Le Batard. Currently, a separate game is being played. ESPN is cutting expenditures, so there will be fewer and fewer of these positions.”

As potential replacements, Emmanuel Acho and Chris Broussard were suggested, but ultimately, Dan questioned who would be willing to combat Bayless on a consistent basis.

“Who wants to work next to someone they dislike so much that they would say, ‘Shannon Sharpe would like your tweet’ on their way out the door?” Dan inquired.

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