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A criminal manga series called Detective Conan (名探偵コナン, Meitantei Konan) is also titled Case Closed. Gosho Aoyama is the writer of this comic. 1994 saw the start of the series. A television anime series based on the manga series has been produced. Since 1996, it has been broadcast on the radio.

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An nefarious organization known as “The Black Organization” poisons Shinichi Kudo, an adolescent detective in the Detective Conan series. It was intended for the poison to kill him. But the poison transformed him into a little child instead. Under the false premise that his parents are gone and unable to care for him, Shinichi assumes the alias of “Conan Edogawa” and moves in with his fiancée Ran Mouri and her father, Detective Kogoro Mori. When Shinichi/Conan was younger, he assisted Kogorou in solving murder cases while he searched for the villainous guys who had poisoned him, stole the poison, and made an antidote.

For unspecified legal reasons, the name was altered to Case Closed in English when Detective Conan initially came in the United States. Additionally, a few character names were altered. Jimmy became Shinichi’s given name at birth. Rachel Moore was the daughter of Ran Mori and Richard was her father. Hiroshi became Hershel after changing his first name. Harley Hartwell was Heiji Hattori. Serena Sebastian was Sonoko Suzuki. Anita Hailey was Ai Haibara. Conan retained his Japanese name in English, nevertheless.


This is a description from the logic comics of a high school student investigator who resolves several cases. His name is Kudo Shinichi. The 17-year-old’s physique transformed into that of a tiny child due to poisoning by the Black Organization. The primary activities of the Black organization, an international criminal organization, are drug invention, trade, and assassinations. Members typically go by code names that are inspired by alcoholic beverages. Gin, vodka, and vermouth, for instance. One of their members, Ai Haibara, created the medication that Shinichi took. However, when she found herself handcuffed, she took the same medication that Shinichi did, transformed into a six-year-old girl, and ran away from them. Sherry was her previous code name.



Detective Conan wears large spectacles without lenses that correct eyesight. The glasses are equipped with a listening microphone, directional microphone, telescope, thermography, radar, and many more features.


has a gun feature that tranquilizes. Conan has to be careful how he uses this watch because it can only hold one tranquilizing needle.

Bow Tie

including a voice-changing feature. Conan uses the tranquilizer watch to put Richard to sleep, and he uses his voice to solve problems.

DB badge or button

“DB” stands for DETECTIVE BOYS. The button contains a built-in micro transceiver. The radius of the communication range is less than 20 kilometers.


featuring a turbocharged engine. This is how Conan tracks down crooks.


The object strengthens his ability to kick. Conan has the ability to knock out criminals with soccer balls.


including a stretch feature. The suspenders expand and contract flexibly as Conan flips them on.

Push-Button Audio

Flashlight Wristwatch