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Wristwatches have grown in popularity over the past few decades among both men and women. Fun fact: prior to the 20th century, wristwatches were exclusively worn by women, primarily for decorative purposes as opposed to timekeeping purposes. This probably still holds true in some way today. Women are more likely to care about the appearance of a watch because they view wristwatches primarily as accessories.

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I concur that selecting a watch that complements your style is important for women. Then, your watch can serve as a useful addition to your outfit or even take on a distinctive style of its own. I have to admit, though, that there are a lot of factors that women should take into account when purchasing a watch. I’m going to discuss four suggestions in this blog post to assist women in selecting the best watch.


From my own experience as a woman, I know that not many women are curious about a watch’s technical details. But it’s crucial to realize that a watch’s movement is its brains. The watch will not function correctly if the movement is not strong enough.

Without a doubt, Swiss movements continue to be the best. You have two options for movement types to choose from: quartz movement or mechanical movement.

Given the excellent technical details and high degree of craftsmanship, mechanical movements appear to be intriguing. However, more upkeep work is needed for this type of movement. You must remember to wind it if it is a manual movement. If the watch has an automatic movement, or “self-winding,” you must wear it frequently or use a watch winder to ensure that it keeps accurate time.

If not, a quartz movement might be a wise pick. Quartz watches are less expensive and more accurate than mechanical watches because they run on batteries. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you only need to replace the battery in this kind of movement every two to three years or when the battery weakens.


You can select a watch dial that best suits you based on the situations and your attire. When attending meetings or casual events, wearing a minimalist watch with a straightforward dial can be a great option. On the other hand, for a formal or special occasion, a watch adorned with priceless gemstones might be the best choice to wear with fancy dresses.

It’s important to think about how the materials and decorations of the watch complement your skin tone, just like with other accessories. I think wearing a watch that complements your skin tone will greatly improve your appearance.

1. Methods for figuring out your skin tone

Generally speaking, skin tones can be classified as either cool or warm. The color of the veins inside your arms can be used to determine your skin tone.

Veins with a bluish hue are characteristic of cool skin tones. When you look in the mirror, you might notice pinkish or rosy-red undertones if you have cool skin. It’s said that most people, even those with tan and dark skin tones, have cool skin.

Conversely, veins that have a greenish hue can be used to identify warm skin tones. Warm-toned skin types may see yellow or golden-apricot undertones when they look in the mirror. Fair-skinned people typically have warm skin tones.

2. The watch case’s composition

A woman with a cool skin tone will look best donning a white gold, silver, or stainless steel cased watch.

Conversely, women with warm skin tones should opt for wristwatches with rosegold or gold cases.

3. Gemstones

Diamonds and stone tones like pink, blue, red, and magenta go well with cool skin tones. As a result, an emerald, aquamarine, blue sapphire, ruby, or diamond watch dial may be a stylish option.

Gemstones with earthy tones, such as alexandrite, citrine, garnet, or yellow diamonds, are a good choice for women with warm skin tones.


The dial size should fit your wrist size naturally, but it shouldn’t be too large on a woman. According to a survey we at Von Doren conducted for our Jotunheim Lady collection, the majority of women like watches with dial diameters between 34 and 38 mm. I believe that this is the way it should be in order for the watch to complement women’s outfits with a refined touch.

The glass is another crucial component that you need to think about. While there are three varieties of watch crystals, sapphire crystal is without a doubt the greatest option. You can read another one of our blog posts about watch crystals here.


You have access to a wide variety of strap options. But since women typically like to wear different things, I would advise you to either have a variety of watches or have straps that you can switch out to suit different settings.

It would be best to select a bracelet material that matches the case material if you are interested in watches with bracelet bands. You can also choose the material that complements your skin tone by using the advice I provided above.

Another classy option are leather straps. Your watch’s leather straps should complement the other components of your ensemble in terms of color. It goes without saying that you should get a black leather watch band if, for instance, you own a black leather bag or black high heels.

Additionally, using a NATO strap has become very popular recently. This style of strap, in my opinion, will work well with active clothing or for casual or outdoor activities.