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The Fredonia Central School District’s spring Trap Club impressed the Board of Education. At a recent Board of Education meeting, club adviser Jerry Kinney and team members presented the group’s success. He praised the Education Board.

Trap teams shoot “Birdies”—airborne targets—for points. Trap shooting is a co-ed hobby for 12-year-olds. Competitors must complete a guns safety course.

After the club was approved, Fredonia Superintendent Brad Zilliox remarked, “This was not something the district or the board thought about lightly. Safety remains a priority.”

Kinney told the Board of Education that club safety was paramount. Kinney added, “The participants showed they could enjoy this responsibility safely.” Over 80% of the group had never shot trap.

Fredonia finished third in its inaugural season in an eight-school league. Six of 131 conference students were in the top 25.

“We can’t complain,”

After seeing a tournament and a year-end party, Zilliox stated, “It was really cool to see the camaraderie that has been built, not only amongst the students and the coaches, but also the families who really seem to have come together and developed bonds. … You felt community and belonging.”

Kinney claimed trap “appeals to kids who may not gravitate toward traditional sports” and invited students to the conference to prove it, including Fredonia Trap Club President Ethan Willebrandt.

“I was thrilled when I heard about this club. After joining the club, I felt at home. “It was the first time I felt this is a perfect fit, this is a place where I can belong, and a place where I had fun and would do 100 times out of 100,” Willebrandt said.

Willebrandt praised Kinney for giving the club a chance. “Mr. Kinney gave me this sport. It’s hard to convey my thanks and delight for the school board and Mr. Kinney giving us this chance.

Courtney Gullo, Board of Education member, told Kinney, “Obviously, you’ve reached something that resonates with a lot of different kids. It’s great.”

Later, Board of Education member Sheila Hahn said, “I was really moved by (Willebrandt’s) words. It’s getting us closer to our goal of include all students in extracurricular activities. I’m glad for that.”

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