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Sincere guys are aware of their own needs and desires. When you really need to unwind, you want top-shelf booze instead of bottom-shelf stuff. You might use a cheap tool in the short term, but you need a tool that will last a lifetime and be able to perform any work. When looking for a wedding ring, the best is always the greatest choice, so this strategy should not be any different. We adore Tungsten Wedding Rings for this reason.

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And now for the tungsten wedding rings. Given that gold and silver are frequently the most sought-after metals for jewelry, tungsten might not be the first thing that comes to mind for a diligent lumberjack man. Tungsten, the toughest metal on the planet, is ready to withstand any challenge, so you may work in the shop, on the farm, or in the gym without worrying about it breaking down. Here are a few of the reasons we think it’s one of our most manly rings.

The Ideal Appearance

Tungsten is the ideal metal for a wedding ring if you’ve been searching for something tough or masculine. In contrast to the traditional styles of silver, platinum, and gold, tungsten wedding rings liven up your appearance. White, gray, and black are mixed together to create a gunmetal-like effect that gives you a distinctive style while preserving the classic brilliance.

The Ring that Doesn’t Ruin or Break

There’s a reason Tungsten has the title of “Strongest Metal on Earth.” Its strength and durability are unparalleled in comparison to other metals. Its non-malleable, scratch-resistant characteristics make it a valuable choice for a wedding ring since they will ensure that it endures throughout time. The best part is that thanks to its hardened properties, your ring will remain beautiful for years to come as long as it is sometimes cleaned and polished.

Reasonably priced

Tungsten is a reasonably priced metal in the alternative metals market when compared to jewelry made of precious metals and 24K gold. Our tungsten wedding rings start at $135 and only go up in price depending on the inlay that you want to have placed in the ring. You’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars in comparison to gold and platinum bands, safeguarding your finances and giving yourself a wedding ring that will endure a lifetime of effort and enjoyment.

A Ring You’ll Always Remember

For some guys, especially those who enjoy wearing jewelry they can feel, this may be a huge victory, even if some individuals might not appreciate weighty rings. A tungsten wedding band is just that—you’ll feel the weight of it because of its density. Once more, your opinion will depend on your particular preference: A prominent, hefty piece of jewelry may be preferred by one guy while being too heavy for another’s finger. whatever suits you best!


Although tungsten is not as hypoallergenic as metals like titanium or sterling silver, it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction on skin that is already sensitive. The general consensus is that you should be okay wearing a tungsten wedding band if gold doesn’t negatively impact your skin.

However, What Sets It Apart from Titanium?

It makes sense if reading this puzzled you in any way. Both titanium and tungsten have relatively similar sounds, and people occasionally mix them up. Actually, there aren’t many distinctions between tungsten and titanium; the main one is that tungsten is a harder metal, which makes it more resilient to scratches and more robust. The choice truly depends on how robust you want your wedding band to be, as both are reasonably priced metals.

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We at Manly Bands are dedicated to giving men access to the finest wedding bands out there. We’ve literally poured our blood and sweat into every ring that is made because we believe that no guy should ever have to settle for less than the best, especially if they are shopping on a tight budget. Do you want to wear a titanium wedding band? Look through our inventory to select the ideal wedding band for you.