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During the post-race coverage of Sky Italy’s broadcast of the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday, Matteo Bobbi and Davide Valsecchi made the comments. Valsecchi was the GP2 champion in 2012.

Bobbi, who was giving her speech from within the recording studio, made reference to a woman who was in the background by saying that she was a “upgrade package.”

Valsecchi, who was in the Barcelona paddock alongside presenter Federica Masolin, turned around and answered, “I already know them, but they told me I can’t test them.” Therefore, I am putting my hands up.

After live sexist statements, Sky Italy F1 pundits suspended.

Their coworker Masolin, who appeared to be upset by the statements, made an effort to shift the topic by asking, “Can we watch some interviews instead of these two?” The floor is now open for Carlos Sainz to speak. Let me censor you.”

Later on, Masolin shared an audience member’s comment, which stated, “Fabio is concerned for your physical safety, Matteo and Davide.” Will they continue to be in good health following this practical joke at the next Grand Prix? cherished over anything else by their wives?

After realizing their mistake, Bobbi and Valsecchi issued an apology on each of their individual social media sites.

Taking to Instagram, Valsecchi wrote: “I’m so sorry, because on Sunday during the post-race I fell into an exchange of bad-tasteful jokes and used unsuitable and disrespectful words. I’m so sorry.” However, I am not.

“Because of this, I would want to extend an apology to everyone who took offense, particularly to women and to Sky. Really.”

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