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Just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic that halted all athletics, Jaely Plaisance discovered the thrill of Special Olympics competition.

Plaisance, who is now a junior at Live Oak, was not deterred for long.

Plaisance, The Advocate’s female Special Olympics athlete of the year, now competes in the local competition annually, utilizing a variety of abilities to compete in various categories. Plaisance has recently competed in the 25-meter sprint, softball throw, and long jump.

Carly Percle, the mother of Plaisance, enjoys running events the most. She enjoys athletics as well.

“It’s what she enjoys the most,” said Percle. It’s a race against others to see if she can reach the finish line first.

Plaisance’s first experience with competition was at the Special Olympics, and she has since taken up baseball. By participating in the Miracle League, Plaisance has discovered a new way to appreciate sports.

“They are all children with special needs, so it’s incredible to see,” said Percle. She enjoys the applauding and the thrill of being able to actively participate in something.

Plaisance has special occasions while playing baseball.

“Whether she hits the ball foul or directly at someone, she will run around every base as if it were a home run,” said Percle. Her favorite part is giving high-fives to everyone as she crosses home plate.

Plaisance’s participation in Special Olympics and baseball has helped him make new acquaintances. The eldest of five children, she has also joined her siblings in a previously inaccessible realm of athletics.

Percle stated, “She has many siblings, and they are all involved in various activities.” “For a time, before all of this came into action, she occasionally sat around looking somewhat distressed. Previously, she did not have that existence, but she now feels included and normal. She relishes being active.”

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