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Bull, McAndrew, J.T. Horwat, Craig Myers, and Jason Houtz lead the 24-vehicle field when the green flag flew.

Adrian Shaffer caused the first yellow on lap six after Cory Myers exited on lap four. On the restart, Bull, McAndrew, Horwat, Craig Myers, and Houtz remained in the top five, but Myers took third, then Horwat and Ryan McAndrew moved from ninth to fifth.

After 10 laps, Craig Myers took second, followed by C. McAndrew, Horwat, and Ryan McAndrew till the finish. Brent Bull led the last five laps as he dodged lapped traffic. Craig Myers’ quickest lap was 73.602 mph in 12.228 seconds. The 270 Sprint class and supporters enjoyed T.A. Ward’s fireworks before and after the feature race.

Jeremy Eutzy and Justin Rasp led Cisney’s Auto Parts Thunder Car category onto the track. After a third lap yellow for Roger Traxler, Kevin Bard slipped into the turn four infield.

Brent Bull won the $1,000 T.A. Ward Construction 270 Micro Sprint Division.

Rasp, Robert McQuade, Nicholas Barthalow, Jeremy Eutzy, and Travis Burkholder were in the top five when Barthalow quit after six laps. Austin Betz was cautioned for a half-circle turn out of turn 1. Rasp, Eutzy, Burkholder, Jake Shoup, and Jackson Eutzy relined.

Eric Seibert spun on lap 7, dropping him to the back. Rasp led until lap 11, when Mark Snyder, Kevin Bard, Tara Kerlin, Jeremy Eutzy, and Jackson Eutzy all crashed and retired.

Rasp, Burkholder, Shoup, Gordon, Stallman, Defenderfer, and Robert McQuade relined. Rasp led Burkholder and Gordon and Shoup for third. Gordon surged to second but made contact, sending him to the pits and Shoup behind.

Charlie Stallman surged into third but had to change a tire, dropping the leader. On green, Rasp led Burkholder and Defenderfer as the threesome moved away from the rest of the field.

Stallman’s misfortune persisted two circuits into the feature event. Stallman’s car hooked Conner Williamson’s, sending Williamson to the back. Rasp won, followed by Burkholder, Defenderfer, McQuade, and Shoup. Rasp achieved the fastest lap speed and time at 61.915 MPH and 14.536 seconds.

Josh Smith and Hunter McFadden led the Macri Concrete 600 Sprints on green, but Jason Sechrist became out of shape and fell behind. Brent Shearer, Smith, Tanner Pressley, and Cole Dewease followed McFadden.

McFadden ran non-stop and caught up to the back of the field by midrace, which delayed him as he evaded slower traffic.

Mike Rynard retired after eleven laps after flipping off turn two.

McFadden led Shearer, Smith, Pressley, and Dewease to green, compacting the lineup. Starting sixth, Jim Young passed Dewease, Pressley, and Smith to take third on lap 16. McFadden won green-to-checkered over Shearer, Young, Smith, and Pressley. McFadden’s quickest lap was 75.497 MPH in 11.921 seconds.

Trent Yoder and Craig Perigo started the race with the Metzler’s Truck Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman’s roar. Yoder, Perigo, Steve Wilbur, Sam Leonard, and Luke Lenker led. After eleven laps, Perigo was hauled to the pits after a side-by-side incident with Yoder.

After the reline, Yoder led Sam Leonard, Wilbur, eighth-place starting Derek Sheaffer, and Luke Lenker for six laps until a yellow for Justin Moore, who pitted.

Trent won a green-to-checkered race when Sheaffer passed Wilbur for third and Lenker stayed sixth after the restart. Trent Yoder’s fastest lap was 67.517 mph in 13.330 seconds.

Strictly Stock polesitter John Bumbaugh led Latavin Spriggs, Shane Seville, and Ryann Betres to the green. Betres passed Seville quickly. By lap six, Justin Williamson, the tenth-place starter, led. On lap seven, Betres passed Bumbaugh for second, and eighth-place starting Rusty Garlock took third. After 11 laps, Jason Goss Jr. and Logan Betres had issues, forcing a yellow flag.

As the circuit went green, Williamson, Ryann Betres, Rusty Garlock, Shane Seville, and Bumbaugh led the reline. Garlock surged into second until a caution for Kirklyn Strauser, Aaron Conrad, and Jesse Matney sent Conrad to the pits and Matney to the back after rejoining.

Garlock won the race ahead of Williamson, Betres, Seville, and Jimmy Moyer, who started 20th. Williamson clocked 62.138 mph in 14.484 seconds.

The T.A. Ward 270 Sprints, Macri Concrete 600 Sprints, Cordell Construction Late Models, Strictly Stock Division, and Cisney Auto Parts Thunder Cars return to Path Valley Speedway on June 3 for a $500 prize.

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