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The University of Miami’s Watsco Center will hold the 14th Annual Student Leadership Day on Friday, June 23rd. This day empowers Miami-Dade and Broward high school students by teaching them skills to be role models in their classrooms and communities.

Student Leadership Day encourages students to improve their communication skills, interact with others from different schools and backgrounds, and never give up on their dreams through workshops, group activities, and inspiring high-profile speakers.

Dr. Lee Kaplan, director of the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute, and Vinny Scavo, associate athletic director for Athletic Training, founded Student Leadership Day in 2009 when two Miami high school football recruits met with them.

Dr. Kaplan claimed one of them missed an appointment because he was detained for possessing firearms in his car. “Two days later, another student athlete was arrested for dealing.”

14th Annual Student Leadership Day at University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute

Dr. Kaplan and Scavo decided to help those pupils “top-down.” They created the Student Leadership Program and invited South Florida’s most outstanding personalities to speak to kids.

Student Leadership Day includes keynote presentations and panel discussions with professional athletes, head coaches, and accomplished community leaders who discuss leadership and how to develop it. The curriculum gives kids new views and resources to set objectives, overcome barriers, and build resiliency.

“We want students to think deeply about their choices to make good ones.

Dr. Kaplan stated Student Leadership Day teaches them. “We teach students how to become better leaders in their networks and communities and give them tools to achieve their goals.”

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