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How does one go about delivering a package to China? Which carrier is the best to utilize and what conditions does a package need to meet? Sendcloud is pleased to assist you in effectively shipping orders from your online business to China. We’ve provided some crucial information for you to be aware of because of this.

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Guidelines for package packing

Sending packages to China requires adhering to packing regulations, just like any other cargo. If a package doesn’t follow international rules, customs will, at best, delay it and, at worst, deny it. Thus, bear in mind these four advices:

Select packaging that is appropriate for the item you are shipping. The packaging’s dimensions, thickness, and quality are crucial and need to match the carrier’s specifications.

Remember to tightly secure the items inside the package by encircling them with bubble wrap or another type of packaging material.

Use tape to reinforce the packaging’s holes and corners. The package ought to be able to survive a minimum 1.5-meter drop.

To keep breakable goods from breaking, pack them separately.

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Goods that China is not allowed to import

You cannot simply ship everything to China because Chinese customs officials are quite particular about what may be imported.

A few examples of goods that are prohibited from being sent to China are shown below. Make sure to review the entire list of things that are restricted just to be safe.

Everything in powder form
Books, periodicals, and newspapers, no more than fifty pieces
Refills and electronic cigarettes
Jewelry: costume jewelry, diamonds, and precious metals
Gum chewing (based on the destination)
artistic creations
publications and items that pose a threat to China’s moral, cultural, political, and economic interests