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DStv sports fans will envy YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket concurrent stream policy.

YouTube TV’s optional add-on package previously allowed just two streams.

After user input, it enhanced this to limitless streams for home devices and two extra streams for away users.

YouTube may limit password sharing using the latter limit.

YouTube determines home region using network data and user-set home location.

US residents can only watch out-of-market NFL games with NFL Sunday Ticket.

The NFL Sunday Ticket costs YouTube TV users $249 (R4,900) a year, or $20.75 (R408.31) every month.

mocking DStv’s approach

YouTube’s strategy contrasts with DStv’s a year ago.

In March 2022, MultiChoice controversially limited concurrent streams to one to curb piracy and password sharing.

After a year of protest and client cancellations, DStv stuck to its strategy.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ enable several concurrent streams, making the streaming restriction troublesome.

The guideline also prevents DStv app casting from smartphones to TVs.

DStv’s algorithm will recognize the smartphone and TV’s identical broadcast as two independent instances.

A paying household cannot access DStv channels or on-demand programming on numerous devices, making the policy faulty.

DStv promised a Proximity Control system that would allow several devices to stream while near an Explroa decoder or Streama box.

Unlike YouTube, DStv appears to not plan to enable extra feeds outside the house.

In February 2023, MultiChoice Group COO Simon Camerer indicated the Proximity Control feature will launch in mid-2023.

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