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On Wednesday, the youthful Mifflin County girls lacrosse team, in just over a year of PIAA competition, aimed to create history by winning its first District 6 championship.

State College, their rival, was impeding their progress.

The experienced and shrewd veterans would face off against the youthful and energetic club to determine who would win the D6 championship.

The veteran State College team won the championship with a 16-3 victory

However, in true Mifflin County fashion, the team fought to the bitter end and did not give up without a fight in their first trip to the championship game. They persevered through adversity despite their defeat.

“I am so proud of our children. This is our third season, and we still do not have a lacrosse culture. According to MIfflin County’s head coach Theresa Lamont, the team plays a very technical brand of basketball. “We faced a very aggressive curriculum compared to what we’re accustomed to. I am so proud of our children.”

Katie Fry scored a goal for the Little Lions at 22:44 of the first period after breaking through the midst of the Huskies’ defense.

Ella Tambroni scored again for State College at 21:29 thanks to a steal, making the score 2-0.

Minutes later, at 19:20, Maddie Rottkamp scored on a free shot that hit the ground and beat the Mifflin County goalkeeper.

At 18:40, Mifflin County scored on a difficult shot by Monica Druckemiller as she was tumbling to the ground.

At 17:22, State College’s Rottkamp scored her second goal of the match to put the Little Lions up 4-1.

State College scored again with 8:03 remaining in the first half when Macey Mitchell caught a pass from Marina Dunlap to make the score 5-1. This was the result of a strong defensive effort by both teams.

At 6:12, on the next possession for the Little Lions, Dunlop tallied her team’s sixth goal.

Mifflin County declined to engage in combat as they proceeded to advance the ball into State College’s end zone.

With :35 seconds remaining in the half, Hailee Sheetz received the ball on the break and soared past defenders to score a second goal.

Mitchell would score again before the interval to give State College its final goal.

The Lions held a 7-2 lead heading into halftime.

State continued where they left off in the second half by adding a goal by Rottkamp.

Despite losing to MIfflin County, the team had a successful season, finishing with a record of 15-5 and second place in District 6.

Ella Tambroni 9-2 seconds later, the time was 23:52.

With 5:46 remaining and playing for pride, Mifflin County scored when Drukemiller’s free-throw attempt hit the turf, making the score 14-3.

The Huskies maintained offensive pressure but were unable to add to their lead.

Both teams will return to action at an undetermined time and location.

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