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According to The New York Times, a Florida court sided with Tiger Woods late Wednesday night and ordered arbitration to resolve his dispute with former lover Erica Herman.

Judge Elizabeth A. Metzger of the Circuit Court in Martin County, Florida, ruled late Wednesday to keep the disagreement private. Metzger called Herman’s assertions “implausibly pled.”

Woods and Herman divorced in October after nearly six years together. She lived with him in Florida and attended significant events with him and his children.

Herman’s court declaration earlier this month, acquired by Yahoo Sports, disclosed more facts about their connection, including Woods’ “scheme” to end it.

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend wanted out of an NDA she signed before their October separation.

Herman said she was advised to pack a suitcase for a trip to the Bahamas, but when they got at the airport, Woods boarded the plane without her and sent her to his lawyer.

The lawyer allegedly stopped the connection and told Herman she was locked out of the residence and couldn’t return. Woods’ team said Herman was “advised that she was no longer welcome” at the residence after their breakup.

Herman said that Woods “pursued a sexual relationship” with her as his employee and “forced her to sign an NDA about it or else be fired from her job.”

Herman sued Woods twice. Last November, the first lawsuit sought $30 million in damages. The March filing sought to end the nondisclosure agreement. Herman made vague claims of sexual assault and harassment. Those charges might have nullified an NDA under new federal guidelines.

Last Monday, Woods moved to dismiss Herman’s case and released emails supposedly showing Herman discussing the NDA in 2017. Herman told Woods’ chief finance officer in the emails that she doesn’t “have any problems with what’s in the [NDA] because I wouldn’t go public or use anything I know to hurt him or the kids.”

That NDA requires private arbitration to resolve their issue.

After ankle surgery last month, Woods is out indefinitely. After many hard days, he withdrew from the Masters in April. Subtalar fusion surgery repaired a fracture he suffered in a life-threatening vehicle collision in 2021. He may not compete again until next year.

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