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Five NFL games will be played in London and Frankfurt in 2023, leaving some American fans to wonder how they would profit.

As the league schedule was released in the second week of May, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Tennessee, Kansas City, and New England supporters realized they would miss one home game this season.

International games are neutral, thus there is no home-field advantage.

The “home team” will have one fewer home game.

Season ticket holders can only attend eight Jaguars, Bills, Titans, Chiefs, and Patriots games.

The NFL and host towns have had success staging preseason and regular season games abroad. Games provide economic alliances, income streams, marketing platforms, and goodwill.

The league’s worldwide strategy is a grassroots effort to “continue growing football’s international footprint, building a new global fanbase and inspiring athletes around the world to play football.”

NFL regular season games are the shortest of the four major sports at 17. A team may only play one home game every month due to scheduling and calendar issues.

Because of three consecutive away games to open November, Tennessee has only one home game.

The Jaguars are the closest thing to a transatlantic franchise with historic back-to-back regular season games in London in October.

Jacksonville plays a yearly home game in London. The Jaguars keep all income, but the organization runs games.

Jacksonville home games may generate 40% more ticket money.

Since 2013, the Jaguars have played in England every year except 2020 because to the epidemic. Jacksonville’s limited market has motivated the organization’s leadership to seek more revenue.

MLB had two international series in 2023, however the NFL’s international schedule is different.

In April, the Padres played San Francisco in Mexico City, forfeiting two home games.

The Mexican border is 17 miles from downtown San Diego. The Padres should create a car-accessible international fan base rather than one over an ocean and multiple time zones.

NFL expansion to Europe is more conceivable than populating Mars, but the logistical obstacles are still enormous.

However, the league’s fixers may solve money problems.

NFL teams have various meanings. Employers, entertainment, and community partners.

NFL franchises are businesses first.

Empty stadiums on fall gamedays corroborate that.

Altoona-based Jim Caltagirone. Voice of the Fan often publishes him.

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