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Nadeem Omar, the owner of the Quetta Gladiators team in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), has been voted as the president of the Regional Cricket Association (RCA) Karachi without facing any opposition in the election.

The election process in Karachi, one of the most important regions for cricket, has been finished, and Nadeem and colleagues have won seats in the vast majority of the zones.

Javed Ahmed Khan was elected to the position of secretary with no opposition.

Nadeem will serve as the president of Karachi Cricket for the next three years, as stated in the notice that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) released on June 7.

Within the next three days, the office bearers have been given the directive to submit their pledge.

Within the Karachi cricket community, Nadeem has a lot of name recognition. His cricket club, which is called the “Pakistan Club,” has produced several high-caliber players, including Sarfaraz Ahmed, who served as the captain of Pakistan in the past.

He is the owner of the Quetta squad, which is now one of the most successful teams in the Pakistan Super League. Sarfaraz led his club to the 2019 Pakistan Super League championship, which they won.

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