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As it switches to Android Automotive, the 2024 Blazer EV will no longer support mobile phone projection.

The Google-owned operating system will be pre-loaded on GM’s future EVs, and the American manufacturer promises a much more advanced embedded solution than Android Auto and CarPlay.

Games are supported. Beach Buggy Racing 2, Solitaire FRVR, and My Talking Tom Friends will launch Android Automotive games later this year, according to Google.

After General Motors blocked Android Auto and CarPlay in several models starting in 2024, many potential consumers threatened to leave.

Games have been accessible for Google users for a while, but GM could use them to prove their platform is superior than Android Auto and CarPlay. GameSnacks emerged on Android Auto years ago, and Google estimates roughly a million people play these games monthly.

The search giant included them to Android Automotive to “upgrade” GM’s automobiles.

Android Automotive may allow more complicated games, but Google has yet to decide. The search firm may be cautious since automobile games are still prohibited.

When parked, GameSnacks titles are available on Android Auto. Thus, driving and playing games are impossible. Android Automotive drivers can only play the new games while stationary. Android Automotive is commonly seen in electric cars, therefore games might be useful when charging.

Google appears focused to enhance Android Automotive entertainment. YouTube is joining games on the OS. The program will debut in Volvo and Polestar cars before expanding to other Android Automotive-powered vehicles. Drivers may watch YouTube videos while parked. Google may let the audio play in the background when the vehicle starts driving.

The new Android Automotive games will come later this year with further details.

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