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Some Filipinos believe that auto tint is an optional expenditure, given that a substantial portion of your life assets went toward the down payment. Twenty years ago, when the Earth was colder (0.18° Celsius per decade), I would have concurred with you, but this heat has turned me into a disagreeable young man.

You (and your automobile) require tint for a variety of reasons, some of which are aesthetic, a third of which have to do with performance and efficiency, and a few of which have to do with your sanity.

Certainly, there are some disadvantages, and we will outline them so that you can make an informed decision about tinting your vehicle.


Expensive. You are correct in one respect: it is expensive. Even with under-the-table transactions, you will be required to pay a minimum of P4,000. At this price, you may receive genuine tint or counterfeit laminates with very convincing 3M markings. And counterfeit ones will not provide the same level of security as genuine ones.

The tint on a vehicle reduces visibility. Regardless of its color, it will reduce the amount of light reaching the retinas. The photoreceptors convert light into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve to form an image. The less light your eyes receive, the more difficult it will be for your brain to comprehend electrical signals, which may cause you to miss the dog or pedestrian crossing the street.

Tinting can have a negative impact on the resale value of a vehicle. If you decide to sell it, you can anticipate a reduced asking price. You would be fortunate to locate a purchaser who prefers the tint colour as-is. And if they require you to remove it prior to purchase, that is an additional cost unless you do it yourself. If so, please see the following paragraph.

DIY pigment removal is not recommended. Leave this to professionals or at least knowledgeable, competent laborers. A sloppy do-it-yourself operation can leave a residual that decreases the property’s value and may even damage the glass defogger lines.


Tinting safeguards cabin furnishings. Do you wish to maintain the dashboard’s condition and prevent cracking? Apply pigment. Are you worried about the upholstery’s rapid fading? Apply pigment. Do you want the interior to appear as if it were brand new? Apply pigment.

Certainly, the roof and windows shield you from direct UV exposure, but this is insufficient. Although ultraviolet A and B are invisible, you can feel your epidermis scorching. This procedure damages the DNA in skin cells, thereby increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. Also undesirable are dark blotches, wrinkles, and accelerated aging.

When parked outside at 38 degrees Celsius, the interior temperature can reach 62 degrees Celsius. How long do you think it will take to chill the cabin? Rhetoric challenge. A window tint can reduce this heat by as much as 70%, which benefits fuel efficiency and passenger comfort.

Glare causes our eyes to squint, resulting in eye strain. If you do it long enough, your facial muscles will become fatigued and your eyes will become tired. Tint reflects the sun’s beams and prevents glare-causing reflections.

Types of hue

The use of dyed film layers makes dyed tint one of the most cost-effective options on the market. Unfortunately, you pay for what you get. This variety discolors over time and must be replaced once discolored.

Carbon Tint utilizes carbon particles to obstruct heat. It is costly but highly effective and will not diminish. Drivers accustomed to a paler tint may find it difficult to see through its darkness.

Metalized Tint is a film that contains tiny metal particulates that obstruct sunlight and heat. These components may interfere with the cellular, GPS, and RFID signals required by modern applications and devices.

Ceramic films, such as those manufactured by Solarex, are among the finest on the market but also among the most expensive. Its greater than 95% UV and IR rejection makes it the top choice not only for automotive applications, but also for residential, commercial, industrial, and even on the yacht of Daddy.

Regardless of your budget, a tint option is available, so do not delay any longer. The Philippines are a tropical nation, which means that it is sweltering approximately 90% of the time. Tint your vehicle; your dashboard and skin will reward you.

By Sanjh

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