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Jowitt & Rodgers is a renowned US maker of resin-bonded grinding wheels, discs, and segments. The fourth-generation family-owned company has a fully equipped Philadelphia production factory and was formed in 1951. The firm makes automobile components, bearings, cutlery, and hand tools.

”We are very fortunate to join forces with a family-owned firm that shares comparable principles and values,” said Fred Rodgers, President. We continue to provide a secure and rewarding workplace for our employees and develop our customer and supplier relationships. I’m convinced that Jowitt & Rodgers, Buffalo, and SAK will always represent quality and service.

Sak Abrasives Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sak Industries Private Ltd, acquired Philadelphia-based Jowitt Rodgers Co.

Sak Industries Private Ltd’s Sak Abrasives business makes a broad range of industrial abrasives for Indian and international markets. It has a devoted client base in the automotive, steel, fabrication, foundry, bearing, oil, and gas sectors after 20 years. It has a production unit in Chennai and sales offices in Noida, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Chennai for pan-India distribution.

Through Buffalo Abrasives, Inc., the firm has a substantial US presence. Buffalo Abrasives is a prominent maker of roll grinding wheels and custom-engineered resin, epoxy, and shellac-bonded grinding wheels.

“This acquisition fits our overall company’s strategy of focusing on custom-made engineered products and manufacturing complimentary products at our various manufacturing locations in India and the US,” stated COO Kanika Krishna. The bigger entity’s product lines will expand our market reach, making us a stronger global bonded abrasive player.

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