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The fourth-generation Toyota Tacoma will be unveiled before May 19. The 2024 Tacoma appeared on fan site after some fans hacked onto the Japanese automaker’s website.

“We are excited to see the enthusiasm around the new Tacoma and we are looking forward to the official reveal on May 19th,” Toyota said of its plans to disclose the vehicle globally in less than two weeks.

The third-generation Tacoma outsold the following three models combined last year, as shown in the leaked photo. Toyota’s decades-long supremacy is in doubt as Tacoma faces a surge of new challengers this year.

Tundra influence

GM has released new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Sierra models. Ford will debut the Ranger Raptor, a performance package, this week.

According to leaks, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma features a more rough and chiseled look and a more muscular hood like the Tundra truck. Brazil’s patent graphics showed the new midsize truck’s vertical LED taillights and rear spoiler.

The new off-road-oriented TRD Pro variant has chunky tires, fender flares, a light bar under the front “Toyota” insignia, and a large air scoop on the hood.

Changes abound.

Toyota has been teasing the arrival of a new Tacoma, and along with the Tundra-like design, onlookers have spotted substantial modifications. Remove rear leaf springs. The 2024 Tacoma may switch from drum brakes to rear discs. That will allow new digital elements to increase on- and off-road traction, handling, and safety.

However, Tacoma will offer its first hybrid powerplant. “The best-selling midsize pick-up in America is all-new for 2024 with electrifying i-Force Max performance,” Toyota said this month.

Last month, revealed that Tacoma will offer a smaller i-Force Max package. Full-size pickups feature hybridized twin-turbo V-6s. Tacoma may provide a gas-electric 6-cylinder or 4-cylinder engine.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma will have a manual gearbox.

New Trailhunter coming.

2024 Tacoma clutch teaser

Against trend, the upcoming Tacoma has a 6-speed manual.
Toyota may be developing the Trailhunter edition, a more powerful off-roader. It will compete with Tacoma’s rising rivals like the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.

Chevrolet will fight back. Mike Macphee, Chevy’s marketing and advertising manager for the Colorado launch, stated, “This truck has been designed to go head-to-head” with Tacoma.

Ford, meanwhile, hopes a revamped Ranger will help. The Ranger Raptor, the name for the most powerful F-150 truck and Bronco SUV, will compete with the Tacoma TRD.

It required “sleuthing.”

“By sleuthing on the Toyota website and matching up the hosting domain,” Doug Liu, co-owner of, told Automotive News. Liu said a site user fooled around with earlier Tacoma URLs and found “this image of the next-gen Taco in all its glory.”

Unless we find further leaks, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be shown on May 19.

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