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Tata Technologies and TiHAN IIT Hyderabad work on SDV and ADAS. They create unique solutions and accelerators to enable automobile companies to produce SDVs with autonomous technologies faster and cheaper.

The cooperation will build platforms and proofs of concept to optimize product development schedules and train Tata Technologies engineers at TiHAN in new technologies. This alliance should lead the automotive technology industry to sustainability, connection, and technical growth.

Warren Harris, Tata Technologies’ Managing Director and CEO commented on IIT Hyderabad’s Technology Innovation Hub’s partnership on Autonomous Navigation Systems (TiHAN). Tata Technologies’ conceptualization, development, and realization experience helps automotive firms overcome product development obstacles and create safer and better products.

Signed an MoU for SDV/ADAS collaboration.

They will use their 25+ years of automotive domain experience and worldwide customer network to assist advances in self-driving cars (SDVs) and related technology. The purpose is to provide a complete set of automotive solutions and accelerators and train engineers on upcoming technologies to enhance the industry.

IIT Hyderabad Director Prof. B S Murty commended TiHAN-IITH and Tata Technologies on their partnership. He said the alliance may boost automobile innovation. Murty also mentioned the TiHAN Testbed, the nation’s first facility for testing and verifying autonomous vehicle use cases. He believed this partnership will advance autonomous navigation systems with worldwide effect.

Tata Technologies President and Chief Technical Officer Sriram Lakshminarayanan was excited about the TiHAN-IITH partnership. He believed the collaboration would allow them to leverage their expertise and resources to explore use cases for self-driving vehicles (SDVs) by adopting modern System on Chips (SoCs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Over the Air (OTA) frameworks, and connected technologies.

This relationship will help create SDV solutions, which matches with Tata Technologies’ goal of pushing the industry technologically.

Prof. P. Rajalakshmi, Project Director, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad, discussed the Tata Technologies partnership. She said TiHAN at IITH was founded to explore and build autonomous and intelligent navigation systems. She believed the relationship with Tata Technologies may lead to useful research on smart mobility solutions like ADAS and SDVs.

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