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Even while “making her way” to Pitt County, Catherine Bach is constantly learning, developing, and delighting Daisy Duke admirers.

Bach, who played the iconic, jean-shorted Duke cousin in 146 episodes of “The Dukes of Hazzard” from 1979-1985, signed autographs and took photos with visitors at Saturday’s 6th Annual Pitt Community College Car Show.

Craig M. Goess Construction and Industrial Technology Building hosted the event. Bach claimed it was the first time she had traveled since the epidemic, sneaking into eastern North Carolina while working on a project and planning a journey to Israel to walk the Walk of Jesus via Galilee, Nazareth, and other Christian sites.

Bach continued, “Before that, my husband died, so I’ve raised my girls for the past 12 years without him. I’ve taken vacations with my girls, like kid’s vacations or trips to South Dakota to visit my dad’s relatives. Never personal.”

Bach called her faith “a part of me” throughout her life.

Bach remarked, “I believe in prayer, God, Jesus, and doing the right thing.

The actress attended the auto exhibition thanks to her friend Richie Alligood, a PCC Automotive Program instructor. Bach said her love of cars shows the value of hobbies and abilities that may benefit others.

Alligood said all event revenues will go to the automotive program. Like Bach, he intended it to attract enthusiasts and mechanics. The Goess Building hosted 250 automobiles last year, and early estimates on Saturday showed at least 200.

Johnny Albritton, a Snow Hill native and 40-year professional technician in Wilson and eastern North Carolina, had a 1970 Chevelle SS 454. He stated he refurbished the automobile over 20 years.

“I had to satisfy the customer,” Bach stated. “I painted and bodyworked it myself.

“I closed my shop because of these cars. After buying diagnostic equipment, I decided to retire. I worked on customer automobiles by day and restored ancient rubbish at night.

Bach loves cars but prefers fashion and photography. Her General Lee model, the 1969 Dodge Charger made famous onscreen, was at the exhibition for pictures. A 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe is being completely rebuilt by her.

Bach said he enjoys taking care of things. It’s really Midwest to make it the best you can. I like cars because I like taking care of things.

“Great hobby! It’s simple, family-friendly, and who knows what will happen? You may be raising a mechanical engineer or mechanic.

Bach considers PCC mechanics as vital to “survival” as doctors and dentists. Saturday’s show’s automobiles were a manifestation of their owners’ creativity and self-improvement. As a clothes designer and performer, it symbolized hard effort.

“I worked hard for that,” Bach stated. It also shielded me from terrible fashion.

“I was overwhelmed by the attention when I started ‘Dukes of Hazzard’. Before that, I was a serious, school-bound actor. Always acting. Because you never make enough money to pay for all your classes, I worked to support myself if I wasn’t in school. On the weekend, I became Daisy Duke. It’s popular—we’re #1!”

She remembered escaping to Bali, Indonesia, with a companion. An attendant turned on the TV at a Hong Kong hotel and heard her show’s theme. She was worldwide.

Bach stated the hotel personnel didn’t recognize him.

Of course, show enthusiasts from Hong Kong went to Saturday’s event in Pitt County, Georgia, just a few hundred miles from Georgia. Brian Watson and his boys, Wyatt and Lucas, brought items like lunchboxes to the Goess Building’s queue.

Brian gets a General Lee tattoo on his right bicep to remember how much the show meant to him.

“My wife would say I’m more than slightly obsessed,” Watson remarked. “It just feels downhome. From rural North Carolina, my family ran moonshine. That made it hit home.”

Watson met Bach on Saturday for the first time. His favorite meeting is that.

Watson started young. “It was all about the car early on, but I got older and said, ‘She’s a pretty girl. I should concentrate there. First crush.”

Wyatt and Lucas are continue working on the automobile.

Lucas responded, “He gives it.”

Bach said youngsters singing and Bible phrases have shown her so much affection since her moment on TV. They adore telling who they saw the program with, when, and how it influenced them.

Bach added, “I’m just looking forward to seeing… all these people who worked so hard on their cars… coming together, exchanging stories. “It’ll be fun.

Bach said, “I really think everyone’s doing their best.” I believe everyone follows their own rules. We know our duties.”

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