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Hap Seng Smart Sdn Bhd is Proton New Energy Technology Sdn Bhd’s (Pro-Net) first authorized dealer for its new energy vehicles (NEV).

Hap Sent Smart, the official importer and distributor of smart vehicles in Malaysia and Thailand, will introduce Pro-Net’s all-new ielectric vehicles (EV), smart #1’s premium brand presence, in the country by the end of the year.

Pro-Net stated that the appointment of the dealer was part of wise Malaysia’s plan to introduce EV automotive excellence to the local market.

“This consists of two components, including the appointment of new premium dealers and the establishment of an all-new smart brand centre or smart space,” it said.

Zhang Qiang, the chief executive officer of Pro-Net, stated that automotive excellence was more than just producing the finest vehicles.

It entails delivering a seamless and all-encompassing retail consumer voyage and experience.

“The new dealership marks Pro-Net’s entry into the premium retail automotive market, as well as the latest EV market in Malaysia,” he said.

The appointment of Hap Seng Smart demonstrates Pro-Net’s determination to penetrate the affluent market and become the foremost EV automotive brand in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Hap Seng Smart will rely on the technical know-how of its parent company, Hap Seng Group, which has more than 50 years of experience as one of Malaysia’s foremost automotive dealers.

Harald Behrend, chief operating officer of Hap Seng Consolidated Bhd, stated that the appointment was in line with the company’s desire to be at the vanguard of the EV industry and to support Malaysia’s EV ambitions.

“This partnership demonstrates not only our confidence in smart’s universal appeal, but also our dedication to promoting a future of low-carbon mobility in Malaysia,” said Behrend.

Hap Seng Group will provide a premium automotive retail experience consistent with smart’s brand, the Mercedes-designed EV that will be introduced in Malaysia in 2023.

The clever 1 continues the smart legacy of pioneering urban mobility with its innovative approach.

Together with the Mercedes-Benz design team, smart has created an engineering masterpiece that flawlessly encapsulates the company’s mission: to design an intelligent future.

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