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Consumers may have forgotten Fisker Inc.’s slow market entry. The corporation wouldn’t mind if the market focused only on its electric future and present. The Force E, a special-edition off-road package, aims to provide greater battery power to a category dominated by ICE stalwarts like the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender. It delivered its first Ocean electric SUV this month.

After the Ocean’s 2020 premiere, Fisker used the Force E designation on a design study. As it approaches a 2023 launch, the redesigned Force-E is less extreme and tactical.

Fisker said the Ocean Force E will end ICE’s off-road dominance. Fisker will lift the Ocean off the ground on 33-inch all-terrain tires on 20-inch (51-cm) reinforced wheels and install specialist suspension dampers to reduce jarring bumps. The Force E kit includes a full-length titanium plate underneath the battery pack and structurally mounted front and rear skid plates.

Fisker’s titanium SUV is an attempt to compete with Jeep.

“This vehicle is going to be a beast,” declared chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker. “We went all out on this one. I’m excited to enter the category, and for off-roaders and environment lovers, what’s better than zero emissions?”

Rubber floor mats, additional grab handles, and tie-down points are offered with the Force E suite. If the teaser photographs give any indication, the roof basket will be an add-on, along with hefty fender flares, front auxiliary lighting, bumper strengthening, tow hooks, and maybe loud, garish decorations.

Unfortunately, the grille-mounted fresh water tap and frunk-mounted spare tire will stay in 2020.

The new Fisker off-roader, covered in titanium, aims to compete with the Jeep.

All-wheel-drive Ocean Ultra and Ocean Extreme owners who enjoy the Force E can retrofit it. The Ocean Extreme’s dual-motor AWD system’s 550 horsepower will power the Force E.

Fisker’s first SUV offers certain off-road benefits beyond the Force E improvements. Fisker’s 113-kWh “Hyper Range” battery has a peak US range of 350 miles (563 km), while the Extreme model’s SolarSky roof adds 1,500 to 2,000 miles (2,400 to 3,200 km) of yearly range. The Ocean has a tool outlet and a “California Mode” that drops all eight windows at once for a 4×4-like open-air atmosphere.

Former rally racer and Fisker UK Magic Works SVP of engineering David King is creating the Force E off-road package. The special edition kit will debut in Q4 2023.

Henrik Fisker personally delivered the first Ocean to a Danish buyer last Friday. After the Ocean homologates later this month, the business will start US deliveries in June.

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