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Amara Raja Batteries Ltd (ARBL), in collaboration with InSLAR and under the auspices of WHO, hosted the ninth edition of LEADCON in Tirupati at its facility.

The purpose of the conference, held on 5 and 6 May 2023, was to raise awareness about the dangers of lead exposure and encourage research into lead-related issues in India.

In addition, it analyzed the progress made over the years and mapped out a plan for the future of lead utilization in the country.

In India, there are 48 facilities currently in operation.

There have been numerous efforts to reduce lead exposure, such as the successful phase-out of leaded gasoline in India, and the Quality Council of India has supported a public awareness campaign to educate the population and policymakers. With 48 centers operating in India, the Indian Society for Lead Awareness and Research (InSLAR) has moved the initiative to the next level.

ARBL is the technology leader and one of the top manufacturers of lead-acid batteries for industrial and automotive use in the Indian storage battery industry. Its battery manufacturing facilities have prioritized safety and hygiene and enhanced engineering controls to eradicate or reduce lead exposure to ‘As Low as Reasonably Possible’ (ALARP).

“Since the beginning, Amara Raja has given the highest priority to Health, Safety & Environment, and our manufacturing facilities often exceed global standards on these parameters. We are proud to host the national conference of LEADCON 2023 at our premises.” said Mr. Harshavardhana Gourineni, Executive Director, Automotive & Industrial Batteries, ARBL.

The two-day conference with the theme “A Step Forward to Lead a Safe Environment” featured seminars, scientific sessions, and addresses by eminent leaders from diverse fields of expertise, including environment sciences and medical specialties. They presented their perspectives on reducing the negative effects of lead on human health in general and specifically.

Mr. Gourineni was joined by Mr. Narasimhulu Naidu C, Chief Operations Officer, ARBL, Dr. Chandra Babu Nalagatlla, Organizing Secretary, Head-Occupational Health, ARBL, Dr. (Maj) Bishwadeep Paul, President, Indian Association of Occupational Health Senior Director HR–Medical, Procter & Gamble, and Dr. Thuppil Venkatesh, National chairman, Indian Society for Lead Awareness &

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