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At the meeting that was normally planned for this coming Tuesday, the Conway City Council is going to debate a resolution that would approve a professional services agreement for the City of Conway Centennial Creek Drainage Study Project.

This project is a feasibility study for the Centennial Creek Transportation Department, and its goal is to investigate different ways to reduce the risk of flash flooding along Centennial Creek and in the communities surrounding it.

In October, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Grant Program granted the city of Conway a grant in the amount of $115,520 for the project. The financing for the project was authorized during a meeting of the City Council in March.

Teeco Safety will pay $44,129.06 if the proposal is accepted.

The city sent out a call for qualifications for the project, and it got responses from four separate businesses. The agenda records that were given to the Log Cabin Democrat indicate that the council intends to engage into an agreement with the company that had the highest score, which was FTN Associates.

Additionally, members of the Conway City Council will examine two rules pertaining to purchases made by the Conway Police Department (CPD) that require prior approval.

One of the things that will be bought is adaptor plates and optics for the pistols that are used by the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

The other ordinance is to acquire three brand-new cars for the department. These vehicles are to be used by the department. The transaction would take place through Superior Automotive Group, which is now the only company in Arkansas capable of supplying these kinds of police pursuit cars, and it would cost a total of $133,026.

In addition, the Conway Public Art Advisory Committee will be the focus of the aldermen’s discussion on an ordinance that would appropriate funding in the amount of $5,000 for the committee.

This grant would make it possible for the committee to form partnerships with a variety of organizations in order to generate chances for sponsorship and to construct modest art projects for a variety of Conway students and artists.

The following are some of the other topics that will be discussed during the meeting on Tuesday:

The possibility of approving a shift in the meeting schedule that will be followed by the City Council during the course of the summer months.

An ordinance that grants permission for a modification to the Conway Municipal Code in order to bring the mechanical code within the jurisdiction of the Permits and Inspections Department up to date.

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